iPhone X: Review, Specifications & Price

The iPhone X was Apple’s attempt to rethink the way smartphones were designed. While many people moaned about so many design changes such as the absence of a fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack, others welcomed the new design direction. Either way, it is a device worth reviewing.

In this article, we examine all the pros and cons of Apple’s revolutionary smartphone. We consider its price and give a verdict on whether it is worth shelling out cash for.


If there’s one thing the iPhone X gets right, it’s its new approach to design. For the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone, Apple offers a phone with no home button and no bezel. The result is a striking, almost futuristic-looking device. 

A 5.8-inch display is fairly sizeable. However, the absence of bezels ensures that you can use this phone with one hand comfortably. The sleek design also makes it easy to slip the iPhone X in your pocket. An aluminium rim running around the perimeter of the phone gives it a classy look, although it might contribute to the device’s weight.

A glass back allows the device to use the wireless charging feature. Noticeably absent is a headphone jack, which Apple seems resolute to completely do away with. The iPhone X comes with a notch. Whatever your arguments for against notches, it sits quite well on the front of the device.


The iPhone X sports a 5.8-inch OLED display. While the quality of the display might be sufficient to some, others have cricticised the screen for being undersaturated, comparing it to the superior AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 8. 

However, the Super Retina panel does a great job, never the less. Contrast is superior to the Note 8’s and it delivers better viewing angles. In addition, the iPhone X can get very bright, so outdoor use is not an issue.


Apple has consistently delivered stellar performances across its devices, and the iPhone X is no exception. Powered by the A11 processor, the device handles tasks easily and seamlessly. The device surpasses its competitors in tests. For instance, it took only 42 seconds for the iPhone X to transcode a 4K video that was 2 minutes long. For comparison, the Pixel 2 needed 2 minutes and 55 seconds while the Galaxy Note 9 need about 3 minutes. Needless to say, you won’t notice a lag or hangups on this new iPhone. 


Overall, the iPhone X surpasses its competitors. The device offers a wider aperture to enable users take pictures with much wider angles. It manages to capture detail without blowing the pixels. 

A 7-MP dedicated depth camera ensures that you can take portrait photos with depth effect. The performance is quality as the phone’s post-image processing blurs the area around the subject, leaving the subject in full focus. 

Selfies might come out looking overbrushed occasionally, this is one area where the Pixel 2 trumps the iPhone X. Overall, both cameras are evenly matched in capabilities when compared head to head.


While the device’s battery stands up well to scrutiny, it does not last longer than its predecessor, the iPhone 8 Plus. When tested, the device lasted 10 hours of constant web surfing over mobile data. For comparison, the Pixel 2 lasts over 12 hours of persistent use.  It should last approximately a day with normal use, although battery consumption greatly depends on how much is being demanded from the processor.

This smartphone can charge to 50% in 30 minutes. However, you’d have to buy a separate USB-C power adapter and lightning cable.

Price of the iPhone X in Nigeria

At N231,000, we think the iPhone X is reasonably priced, by Apple standards. It is available on Konga and Jumia.


After all is said and done, the iPhone X offers a great deal of utility. It is different and marks a revolution in design from. We’d say go for the iPhone X. It’s a great buy.

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