Samsung Galaxy A10e: Review, Specifications & Price

The Korean mobile phone giant appears to be intent on taking a grab of the budget phone market share. So far, none of its budget offerings has been very convincing as other budget competitors manage to edge out the famed phone maker. Samsung Galaxy A10e is the phone maker’s latest attempt at luring budget phone buyers.

Read on as we review the Samsung Galaxy A10e, its specifications, prices and where you can cop one of them.


Samsung devices don’t come cheap so there’s no reason for them to look cheap. This device looks stylish, despite its low price point. Most of the device is made up of its 5.8-inch screen which leaves very little bezel on the sides. 

However, it does have a considerable chin but does so without being cheap-looking. Measuring 5.8 by 2.7 by 0.3 inches and weighing a mere 5 ounces, the device is handy, nimble and light. Still, on the front, there’s a waterdrop notch just at the centre of the device.

The back is a solid polycarbonate, bearing a single camera on the top left. The top edge of the A10e is empty while the bottom carries the USB-C charging port, a headphone jack and speakerphones. The volume rockers and power button on the right are easy to reach, thanks to its small size. A fingerprint sensor is disappointingly missing.


The display is a 5.83-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1560 X 720. While its not the best, it is mostly adequate. The screen is bright and vivid enough to make video watching bearable.

samsung galaxy a10e
Credit: PC Mag

The screen is small enough to allow you to control the phone easily with one hand, which is a relief if you’re tired of large-screened phones. However, the display doesn’t seem solid and might be prone to cracking if dropped.

While it is no Samsung S10 Plus with a quad AMOLED display, the LCD screen does a decent job of portraying colours. With a respectable pixel density of 296 pixels per inch, colours are accurate enough for enjoyable viewing.


Here’s where this device disappoints. The phone was quite frustratingly slow, especially if you are running several applications simultaneously. Its inability to handle multiple tasks is quite telling of its price.

The Samsung A10e runs on the Exynos 7884 chipset with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of space. These stats aren’t very encouraging, however, it seems to be the intended functionality for its price range.

If you’re trying to play games like PUBG or Asphalt, its best if you looked elsewhere for a mobile phone. This device appears to be implicitly designed for light phone users and will lag considerably when you try to put it through hoops.


The device sports a single 8MP camera that could really be much better. The phone’s price is betrayed by the camera which produces very grainy and unimpressive shots. The camera simply lacks the resolution to produce crispy and colourful photos. The post-processing does not do much to help the image, hiking the saturation levels on the photos.

picture taken with Samsung Galaxy A10e

The front camera is good enough for video calls. Pictures taken in low light were deleted immediately as they were absolutely not good. The front camera performs decently in adequate lighting, although you might experience some grain there as well.


Its 3,000mAH battery proves sufficient for the device’s needs. The battery is capable of taking most users comfortably through the day without requiring a recharge. Battery consumption is moderate and the device lasted for over 10 hours of streaming over WiFi at full brightness. I’d say the battery is one of the Samsung A10e’s strongest selling points.

Price of the Samsung A10e in Nigeria

You can get this budget device for N65,000 on Jumia and Konga.


Overall, the device doesn’t promise much and does not deliver much. Pick another phone if you’re looking for a great camera or performance. Pick this phone if you’re a movie watcher or want a device with a solid battery.

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